Shamanic Practices

Most people ask us, “What is shamanism, and why would I try it?”

Shamanism is nothing new. In fact, its practice can be traced back over 10,000 years. Many people are discovering its benefits for the first time.

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About Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient practice that continues to morph and adapt to the times in which we live. Historically, shamanic healing was used by indigenous people from all parts of the world. The shaman works with the knowledge that all things are connected and have life force energy, or spirit, within them. When someone or something becomes diseased or out of balance, the shaman believes this is from a loss of life force energy or a disruption in energetic patterns. The shaman’s methods of working with the Earth, the elements, and life force energy can restore and rebuild the client’s life force.

The shamanic practitioner uses the ancient practices of shamanic journeying, divination, sacred listening and focusing in order to receive information to restore balance on behalf of the client, family, or community.

Shamanic healing has helped people with:

  • \Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress and imbalances
  • \Chronic patterns that do not support one’s well-being
  • \Depression
  • \Anxiety
  • \Bad luck
  • \Chronic crisis patterns
  • \Fears and worries
  • \Feeling Disconnected
  • \Managing environmental crises
  • \Job transition
  • \Marriage or divorce
  • \Death and grief
  • \ Finding one’s passion and life calling
  • \Developing spiritually
  • \Feelings of loss or disconnection
  • \Building confidence
  • \Moving/New Home
  • \Rebalancing after a natural or man-made disaster, either locally or remotely

We are honored to be able to share this with you.

HEALING WORKS INC offers weekday appointments for shamanic healing, plus we offer instructional classes for those who wish to explore shamanism on a deeper level.

Possible Methods

Our practitioners utilize methods that are both cross-cultural (generally practiced around the globe) and specific to a particular group or region.

These may include the following:

  • \Power animal retrieval
  • \ Extraction
  • \Soul Retrieval
  • \Deposession
  • \Sound Healing
  • \Diagnostic Journey
  • \Body Focusing
  • \Past Life Regression
  • \Ceremonies/Land practices
  • \Psychopomp and House Clearings
How Healing Works Practices

Through a pro-active partnership between the client and practitioner, these healing methods have been shown to produce tremendous healing and change. Shamanic work is very rewarding when it is greeted with desire and motivation for shift.

HEALING WORKS INC is committed to giving our staff the opportunity to train with shamanic teachers of various cultures, including North and South American, Toltec, Tibetan, and Celtic. These practices have taken HEALING WORKS INC to multiple regions in the US, Mexico, Peru, and Tibet to continue to bring our work to a deeper level. We are dedicated to maintaining our personal practices while we have the opportunity to expose our clients to these teachings.