Holistic Ministry

No matter your spiritual tradition–or lack thereof–Rev. Kate can work with you right where you are. This may include ceremonies, rituals, grief counsel, and life-transition work.

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About Rev. Kate

Rev. Kate is a holistic minister and trained hospital chaplain. She works beyond the framework of particular religious traditions to offer ceremonies, spiritual guidance and counsel to those who seek it.

Holisitic Ceremonies

Ceremony and ritual help us to celebrate, mourn, let go, and step into a new role (as an adult, spouse, parent, or retiree), and honor what has changed. Baby blessings, Coming-of-Age ceremonies, and self-healing rituals are meaningful ways to transition and celebrate the gifts in our lives. Kate’s vast experience in tailoring these ceremonies to the individuals has proven to be deeply meaningful. She works with various funeral homes in the greater Wilmington area for developing personalized memorials and celebrations of life.