Energy Work

Balancing the human energy field is a powerful technique that enhances the individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

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About Energy Work

Energy Work helps to balance the human energy field. This field has several layers, inside and outside of the body, with both physical and emotional qualities. In addition, the body has seven major chakras positioned in various places up and down the spine.

Energy Work Services

Our energy techniques are gentle, sometimes on the body, sometimes off the body. Energy work can be performed through clothing, with the client in a comfortable position. People in severe or chronic pain, along with the critically ill, often respond well to this treatment even if they cannot tolerate any other intervention. We offer excellent energy techniques for clients who are pre- and post-surgical, for those ready to release stuck trauma, and for those who are realigning after a transition such as a job change, marriage, or period of grief.

  • \Chakra Balancing
  • \Emotional Balancing
  • \Soul-Line Healing
  • \Energetic Unwinding of stuck patterns
  • \Endocrine Balancing
  • \Treatments for the structural and emotional levels of the field
  • \Reiki

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